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May 14, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
France watched in fear as England made dinner. 'Why did agree to let him cook?! ...Oh... I couldn't resist those eyes...' He sighed, rubbing his forehead. France looked back up and was met with the most beautiful sight ever. England's ass. He was bent over, searching for something. "Ohonhonhon~" France laughed quietly, smirking. 'I can't resist that ass, either.' England straightened up, making France sad, and turned around. He raised a busy brow. "What's with you, frog?" France shook out of his trance. "Nothing, Britain. ...Did you drop something?" England looked down. "Behind you." The britishman turned around. 'Ohonhonhon~ I am good.' "FROG! Stop staring at my arse!" England blushed, frowning at his lover. (A/N: THE FRUK. IT BUUUUURNS. But... this is for PianoDream... *Mans up* I can do this.) "My apologies. It's just hard not to stare at that beautiful ass of yours." England stuttered, before growling and going back to cooking.

The smell of burning potatoes filled France's nose. 'Ugh... I need to distract him somehow...' He stood quietly, sneaking up behind England. The britishman jumped when he felt arms slip around his waist. "France. Get off." "Non~." France giggled, slipping his tongue over England's ear. England tensed, gulping slightly. "S-seriously, Frog. Do you want to eat tonight?" France laughed. "Oh, I'll be eating something, alright~." Enlgand's face heated up drastically. The perverted frenchman bent his head down, running his tongue over Britain's neck. The bushy-browed man shuddered, biting his lip. "F-France... S-stop it." France smirked, nibbling and sucking on his boyfriend's neck. Britain jolted and moaned when France hit a certain spot. 'Got ya.' While he distracted Britain, he shut off the stove. 'There...' France looked down, smirking wider when he saw a small tent grow in Britain's pants.

"Well, someone likes the attention~." France purred, reaching a hand around to England's crotch. "Ah! S-shut it, frog!" England grunted. "Ohonhonhon~" France unzipped England's pants, freeing his hardening member. That seemed to snap Britian out of it. He pushed France away, zipping his pants back up. "Frog! I'm trying to coo- You turned off the stove?! You little-" The phone rang. "I'll deal with you later." He stomped to the phone. "Hello? ... Oh, hello Japan." England sat down at the table and started a conversation with Japan. France raised his eyebrows. 'Not as planned... but I have a new idea.' He grinned devilishly. He crawled past England and under the table. England jumped when he felt France rub against his legs. "Go away!" He mouthed. France's smirked widened as he shook his head. England rolled his eyes and decided to ignore him.

Bad idea, England.

France unzipped Britain's pants again, making the brit kick at him. France held England's legs down with one arm, and grabbed his cock with the other. England jolted again, glaring down at France. France giggled, bringing his tongue to England's tip. "Hah...." England panted quietly. "Huh? N-No I'm alright. Sorry." France tried not to laugh as he slid England into his mouth. England melted, slumping down in the chair. He kept his conversation going, using all of his self control not to moan or lose track of his surroundings. France pulled Britain's pants off, boxers too, making the brit jump. France pulled his lover's shoes and socks off as well. When Britain shut his eyes, France bobbed his head faster. Britain grunted quietly, putting his hand on France's head and pulling his hair lightly. France pulled a small bottle of lube out (cause we all know he carried lube in his pocket) and coated his fingers in the substance. He released Britain's cock and put a finger in the gentleman's perfect ass.

Britain groaned loudly, shocking Japan. "S-sorry, Japan. I, uh, hit my foot on the table." 'He's a good liar.' France thought, pumping the finger in and out of Britain's hole. France shoved two more fingers in, making England tense. France started licking up and down England's cock, which made England relax again. The frenchman pumped his fingers slowly, trying to find England's prostate. 'Where is it?' He furrowed his eyebrow, taking Britain's head in his mouth. The grip on the back of France's head tightened, not that France cared. "AH!" England yelled suddenly, making France smirk. 'Found it.' "Sorry, Japan. The frog s-scared me." 'Not a complete lie.'

France pumped his fingers faster, as well as his head. England gulped, pushing France's head further down his cock. France groaned, his own member pressing uncomfortably against his pants. "J-Japan. I'll have to call you back. France won't l-leave me alone..." He hung up with Japan. France smirked, taking his fingers and mouth away. He crawled out from under the table. "Aw. I thought you were enjoying it, too." England blushed, grabbing France's arm and dragging him towards a chair. He sat the frenchman down and smashed their lips together. "You're lucky I love you, frog." He murmered, straddling France. France smiled, wrapping his arms around the englishman. England reached down, unzippin France's pretty pantaloons (A/N: Lol) and pulled his member out. France got the message and grabbed the lube, spreading it over his cock. Britain positioned himself over France, slowly sitting on him.

"Ah~." England's face flushed as his eyelids fell halfway. France grunted slightly, grasping England's hips. England sat still for a few minutes, letting himself get used to the feeling of France inside of him. Once he was ready, he lifted himself up. He slammed himself back down, making him moan and arch his back. France helped stay balanced while he moved. The french perv felt himself flush a little as he started licking and sucking England's chest. "Hah.... D-dammit, frog..." Britain breathed out as France attached himself to England's nipple, swirling his tongue around the skin. Britain yelled out in ecstacy when France hit his prostate. England's face grew redder and his thrusts sped up. France let Britain's chest go and pulled his lover down for a kiss. As his tongue explored the tea-flavored cavern, he reached around and grabbed the perfect ass that gave him the idea to do all of this. "Hah~! F-FRANCE!" Britain called out, spilling his seed onto France's shirt. The sudden tightening in England's ass sent France over the edge. He groaned loudly as he released into the brit. England leaned his head against France's shoulder, panting loudly. "...You're an... an ass, frog." Britain growled, lifting himself off of France. France slipped his, now soiled, shirt off and threw it in the hamper. He came up behind England, as he was putting his pants back on, and hugged him. France smiled at Britain's flushed face. "Je t'aime aussi, en Angleterre."
Request from: :iconpianodream:

:iconfacepokerplz: ...... I... I have nothing to say...

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You don't like FrUK?
Whatever XD
Awesum lemon, bruh.
I swear Japan was all: "..."
Then: "OMFG."
Thus: "YAOI."
... Maybe XD
Poor Japan *pat pat*
thatclaudefangirl Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Damn England has some wonderful self control. Poor Japan though. He's probably wondering what the hell was really going on over there
Animelova4evs Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I loved it! But I had to read it in stealth mode because I was reading it in school!
ThePhantomHaunter Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014
Good god. xD At School? Wow. Rebel Much? xD
Animelova4evs Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You don't like  FrUK? LoveWithABrokenHeart 
DanuAvalonArtemis Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i like it better than i used to
stardust1019735 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Some pairings I like a bit better than others including FrUk over UsUk and Prumano over Spamano( just barely. =3= ) Aweshome lemon, bro.
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Meanwhile, in Japan:  :iconchibijapanplz:
ThePhantomHaunter Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014
Hahaha~ xD Oh gawd I can imagine Japan being like, wtf just happened. And then maybe at one point he gets turned on, but poor Japan is so lonely... ;-; He needs a someone.
I don't recall a Japan pairing honestly.
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